JJ Umbreit, a five-year-old boy from Bowman, ND with retinoblastoma is having his one wish come true. Make-A-Wish North Dakota said it is happy to grant JJ’s wish to meet Kylo Ren from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at Walt Disney World this week. JJ and his family traveled from Bowman to Dickinson on Halloween. He and his family were escorted by armed Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion and Bounty Hunters from the Mandalorian Mercs on their trick or treating adventure throughout Dickinson.


Most importantly, throughout this trip to Disney World and his Halloween night in Dickinson; JJ and his family will have the opportunity to create amazing memories together. JJ made some new friends on Halloween in the local Star Wars costuming communities, we hope with his new memories that they will carry & strengthen him through any pain or suffering he experiences in his life.


“This is why we do what we do! Make-A-Wish kylo ren wanted some escorts 501st and some Mandos had this bosses back 😉 amazing night!” -Josh Rhoads (Shortstack)


“It’s never easy for a family to go through the struggle of having a sick child but with this wish comes a chance to forget about illness, doctors, and treatment and spend quality time as a family,” Make-A-Wish said. “Wishes like JJ’s help restore the hope, strength and joy into these family’s lives.”


“My favourite moment from today was when we all got on the bus, I sat down in the back with JJ and he took his Kylo mask off. Tears of joy were streaming down the little guys face. I’m so glad we were able to head out to Dickinson today to Make A Wish come true.” -Ben Buchmiller (Karl Dha’Werda)


“I have always wanted to participate in a Make A Wish foundation event. I love the hope it brings to children with life threatening conditions. I was so excited to meet J. J. our Wish recipient. He was the sweetest, cutest thing ever! I think this was the best year I have ever gone trick-or-treating. I felt like a soldier protecting a king.” -Dana Buchmiller (Kritika Dha’Werda)


“Truly one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. This kid JJ from the moment he first saw us until he went back to the hotel to go to bed was in awe of us. He had no clue that we were taking him Trick-or-treating. He knocked on a hotel room door and we were all in costume. He tensed up in excitement and awe of us. He then took my hand and basically didn’t let it go for the next hour as he trick-or-treated in downtown Dickinson. On the bus his mom came and sat beside him and basically told her he wanted to sit with HIS Stormtroopers (4 us were Mandos but hey he is 5 he can get away with it). We then went to a few houses before going back to the hotel. At the hotel we took some pictures. JJ then ate with us at Perkins and insisted on sitting with his new friends from Star Wars. This is a kid that we were told is normally very shy and doesn’t warm up to people easily. THIS is why I dress like an action figure. To spread joy through my love of Star Wars. Thank you JJ for letting me be a small part of your wish. Enjoy your trip to Disney World and have fun meeting Kylo Ren.” -Kristopher Heid (Ragoth Uhbis)


“It was a great heart warming event and I would happily do it again.” -Robert Kunz (Kir’manir Kyramud)


JJ’s trading card will be added to my collection, but isn’t going to be traded with anyone.


Pictured below; JJ meeting Kylo Ren at Disney World.