We are back for round three! Bismarck Comic Con is excited to have a new name and be at a larger venue to offer even more opportunities for you to express your love of geek culture.


The first two years this event was put on by the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library.  Overflowing at full capacity this Comic Con outgrew the public library and was moved to the Bismarck Convention (Civic) Center for the 3rd year and was renamed BisCon.



Fandoms from all over this world and beyond gathered on May 4th, 2019 in Bismarck, North Dakota.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Furries, the game of Magic, Panels, authors, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, you name it they were there.


A very popular location for pictures was the Mandalorian Mercs jail cell.  Participate of the Con could get their pictures taken flanked on either side by Mandalorian bounty hunters.


When a flash was used in the photos the bars to the cell would appear as glowing energy cell bars.


Members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (Oyu’batt Clan), 501st Legions Central Garrison (Wampa Hunter Squard), Rebel Legion (Central Base), and The Dark Empire (Thule Temple Stygeon Prime Spire) came together to promote Star Wars costuming at this event.


Bis-Con is the premiere comic convention in Western North Dakota. Comic and action enthusiast converge on downtown Bismarck to meet creators, experts, and each other as well as participate in cosplay and panel discussion.