On Saturday April 27th, 2019 members of the National Guard Armory in Bismarck, North Dakota hosted their own Jedi Training Academy.


Kids of the the guard gathered for a few hours of intensive Jedi training from lightsabers to obstacle courses, to fighting Sith, to laser battles, to shooting womp rats.


At the end of their training they were awarded the rank of Jedi Knight and presented a certificate from member of the Mandalorian Mercs Oyu’baat Clan Tiric Keel (Clan Alor’ad).


Also present was Rex Dha’Werda (Clan Ruus’alor Sol’yc) and Kota Grell (Clan Ver’alor).  Along with aspiring recruit Kira Grell, Snowtrooper (TS-56757 of the Central Garrison), and Malita Darklighter (TDE 403).


All present from the International Star Wars clubs were there to interact with the kids, hand out high-fives, and pose with them for pictures.