The original time for this event was earlier in the morning, but due to weather was postponed to a later time in the afternoon.  Oh, and yes you read that right it was a 0.5k run.


Members of the four costume clubs in Bismarck area were in attendance of this event.  Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, The Dark Empire, and the 501st Legion.


The Star Wars costumers cheered on the runners, gave out high-fives, passed out candy, and posed for pictures with attendees.  Malita Darklighter of The Dark Empire joined Mark Rath and Karl Darklighter at this event.


Dual members Mark Rath and Karl Darklighter represented both The Dark Empire (TDE) and the Rebel Legion (RL) at this event.  Mark as a Grey Jedi with TDE and generic Jedi with (RL).  Karl Darklighter as a SWTOR Dark Jedi with TDE (red lightsaber) and SWTOR Relnex style Jedi with RL (green lightsaber).