This year for North Dakota State Parade in Minot members of all fandoms joined together to represent iMagicon.


This next year in 2020 iMagicon will be combining together from the vast galaxies; Star Wars and Star Trek.


Members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, The Dark Empire, and the Rebel Legion represented the Star Wars Fandom.

Star Wars

The Dark Empire – Stygeon Prime were represented by Karl Darklighter (SWTOR fallen Jedi) and Mark Rath (grey Jedi).  Mark also represented the Rebel Legion – Central Base as a generic Jedi.  Tiric Keel of the Mandalorian Mercs – Oyu’baat Clan was also present.

Karl Darklighter – SWTOR Fallen Jedi

The majority of the iMagicon float walked the whole parade, but by the end of it and after exposure to the sun most were relived to take helmets and masks off for the ride back to staging.


This was a great way to give exposure to an ever growing comic con in Minot, ND – iMagicon.

Fallen Jedi
Karl Darklighter – SWTOR Dark Jedi