What is Speech Apraxia?

“Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a speech disorder in which a child’s brain has difficulty coordinating the complex oral movements needed to create sounds into syllables, syllables into words, and words into phrases. Typically, muscle weakness is not to blame for this speech disorder.”


Bismarck’s Speech Apraxia was hosted on the North Dakota’s State Capital grounds.


Members of the 501st Legion – Central Garrison – Wampa Hunter Squad and the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club – North Central Region – Oyu’baat Clan came together as Star Wars and volunteers to contribute to this event.


The Oyu’baat Clan also had a two recruits join them for test fit troops.  Nanuk of Grand Forks, ND and Gravlax of Mandan, ND.  Official Members were: Tiric Keel (Alor’ad), Karl Dha’Werda (Ruus’alor Sol’yc), Kota Grell (Ver’alor), and Kira Grell.


It was awesome for Gravlax to test out his kit alongside his brother Karl Dha’Werda.  Couple tweaks and he should be an official member of the MMCC.


Each costumed character walked around the event and posed for pictures with individuals, especially children.  Lots of high-fives were also given out.


A staged area was setup with the Millennium Falcon backdrop and a jail cell that has energy bars that light up when a flash is used with a camera.


Oyu’baat Clan and 501st Legion were awarded a certificate of appreciation for volunteering at this event.  The image below really shows the unity between clubs as you can see a snowtrooper glove and a mandalorian glove holding up the certificate.


The event ended with an 800 meter walk around the capital loop.  Karl Dha’Werda and Gravlax (see below) walked the entire route in kit.